jesse violin


Master craftsman Jessupe Goldastini creates one of a kind stringed instruments that reflect his deep knowledge of wood, his discerning ear, as well as his commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

A powerful and rich tone contained in a visually stunning instrument extends the fine art of hand-made violins and cellos.
Let the individual musician inside of you be expressed with your unique instrument choice.
There are Jessupe Goldastini instruments, and then there are all the others.
These completely hand crafted instruments are made from an array of choice tone woods, both domestic and exotic. Jessupe's designs displayed here are available and he always welcomes your custom commissions; where a close association with you results in the attainment of the artistic instrument of your dreams.

The prices for these instruments start at 3500.00 USD. Cellos and 5 string instruments are available as well.

Jessupe Goldastini, making beautiful things...people want to hear.

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