Thanks for taking the time to visit my website I hope you like what you see and hear. In my life I have had two passions that I have been pursuing since I was a young boy, music and woodworking. The making of stringed instruments to me is the perfect blend of the two arts.
While my approach to violin making was initially traditional, I soon found that it was not the path I wanted to follow.
Every instrument I make is completely unique and individual both in its appearance and tone. I make my instruments for musicians who demand a quality sound yet desire and individual style and look. Violinist’s now have a tonal and visual instrument choice that has not been previously available. My instruments are suitable for all styles of music and are perfect for musicians who will be in an individual spot light performance setting. Collectors looking for a unique addition to their collection are sure to find something different as well.


My approach to violin making and woodworking in general is very unique.
There are many debates and scientific studies revolving around the construction of classical violins made by the Italian masters. Sound and tone are under constant scientific scrutiny in the search for understanding .
I choose to approach violin making from a much more intuitive artistic point of view both as a musician and a woodworker,
I rely heavily on my senses, my touch, eyes and ears are my guides rather than templates, gauges and tap tones.
While all the mandatory mathematical measurements are used related to proper set up, neck angle and body size, my creation process is much more organic and has no set plan.
I strive to have my instruments have a handmade look and feel to them. I embrace asymmetry and minor flaws. I avoid sterile machine made perfection.


The materials I use are of the highest quality, each piece is individually selected both for appearance and its tonal qualities. I am one of the few violin makers in the world who has ventured outside of the realm of standard materials, Maple and Spruce.
Radiation, dampening and stiffness vary from species to species and from piece to piece. The marriage of the top plate and the bottom plate must achieve a level of balance in order for a pleasant tone and power to be generated.
With my advanced knowledge of wood I am able to achieve arching and graduation layouts that allow for the material to perform to its optimum level.
All top coat finish layers are of handmade Spirit varnish with varying ground coats depending of the project. All violins are fully lined and blocked to ensure strength and durability, only the highest grade hide glues are used in the construction.


After I complete one of my instruments, it is labeled and made ready for sale. All instruments come without chin rests. It is left to the musician to choose what rests will work best for them. As these are custom instruments they do not come with a hard case included. A soft mandolin tote bag is sufficient for light travel and carrying, but I would suggest you purchase a custom case to protect your investment. Thank you for taking the time to browse my web site, I hope you like what you see.

Jessupe Goldastini